Friday, March 6, 2009

Piskota has arrived

Today, Piskota an adorable white Puli puppy has arrived in Los Angeles! This is a blog of her adventures and that of her Moms Livia and Erika.


  1. WelcomeWelcome Piskota
    I'm youw cousinAsta fwom awe adowable!!!!!totally edible Mommi says(is that how you got youw name?heheheheh)
    You awe so lucky, you found the bestest home in the wowld!
    Smoochie kisses

  2. Welcome Piskota...sounds like Biscote, yum and crunchy! You are very very sweet. Asta told us about you and we wanted to welcome you to the blogging world - a wonderful warm and caring world filled with equally wonderful humans and animals. So you are a Puli, does that mean that when you grow up you will have Rasta-type hair? Wow!

    Axel and his Mom Dani

  3. Welcome into the world Piskota!! You are adorable.

    Will you have dreadlocks when you grow up? We've always loved to look at pulis at the dog shows, but never met one -- so come visit and let's get to know each other!!

    Pee ess -- we're wire fox terrier friends of the urbanista, fashionista, sweetie Asta! We live in South Florida, which is kind of like your new home in LA.

    Wirey welcoming woofs!!!

    Jake and Just Harry

  4. OMD!!! You are the cutest puppers ever, Piskota!!!! Your cousin Asta sent us here to give ya a big DWB's welcome!!!!!

    We're three terriers from Pittsburgh...Asta is my best friend forever!!!!!

    Welcome to Blogland, Sweet doggie!!!!!


    Scruffy, Lacie and Babystan

  5. OMG, are you the cutest, or what?! I guess Pulis aren't born corded!
    We can't wait to hear more about you, Piskota!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Sweet Piskota!

    Your cousin Asta is my lovepup girlfriend and she said you are the sweetest little sweetpea in the world, so I had to come right over to see you and welcome you to the world of blogging!

    Come on over to our blog to visit anytime you want. My little sissy, Stella, will absolutely LOVE you!

    Your new goober friend,

  7. Piskota, you are so cute! It will be fun to see you grow up. Do you like cats?

  8. Hello ! Do you bark french ?
    Big kisses from Switzerland,
    Faya & Dyos

  9. Hi Piskota! Asta sent us to see you! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! It's very nice to meet you!

    We are 3 Airedale girls from Georgia, USA!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  10. Hello and welcome Piskota!
    Our friend Asta told us about you, we can't wait to hear more about your adventurers at your new forever home. And wait till you see all the adventures we and Asta and our friends get into! The Blogopshere is just a wonderful place.
    The Cat Realm

  11. Welcome to blogging, Piskota. You will really enjoy meeting lots of new dogs and cats. Oh, yeah, and their humans.

    We had to come meet you after Asta told us you've arrived.

  12. Welcome to the world of Blogging Doggies, little Piskota. Asta is a dear friend of ours and we love her Mommi and Daddi too. You are absolutely darling! You are in SoCal now, where did you come from? (pee ess...I kinda know about birds n bees and stuff, I just want to know the geography part)


  13. w00f's Piskota. it b nice to meeted iz rocky and me iz 3yrs iz a friend of Asta..she saided to come cya..u shure iz a cutie..

    b safe,

  14. We hopes you likes cats, we are friends of Asta's and we would like to be friends with you too. She also said your name means cake and we certainly think you look sweet enough to eat. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

    Hi Piskota, I am a puppy too. I am 11 weeks old and sometimes I am a handful. Today I was a good boy. I bet we will have some good times together in the blogosphere. ~Fenris

    We blog at Alasandra, The Cats & A Dog

  15. Hi Piskota...
    Aren't you just the cuterest??? I'm a good friend of Asta's! Welcome to the blogging world, I hope we can be friends!

    Lots of Licks, Ruby

  16. To my dear new friends! I am speechless! So much love and happiness! I am touched, but not surprised - pets, animals, furry kids of all types THE BEST! Thank you for your welcome! xxPiskota

  17. Where did you get your puli?? I live in San Diego and I've been looking for a local breeder. Does one exist?? Please email me at with any info you might have. Thanks!